Friday, 17 June 2011

A Night on the Town

Last night was my organic chemistry exam, which means today is officially my first day of summer. Although, as a university student, “summer” is synonymous with “summer job” which I suppose I’m lucky to have given how difficult it seems to be for students to find jobs.  But the job (I’m going to be a camp counsellor, a job I’ve done before, though at a different camp) doesn’t start till next week so I have exactly 1 week to rejoice in sleeping in, enjoying the sun, hanging out with friends and starting up the diabetes support group that I’ve been slowly putting in motion since May. 
A photo I took of a peony in my mother's garden
After my exam, my boyfriend told me he was ‘taking me out for a night on the town’ (his words, not mine), which, when one is living the student debt life, meant wearing something other than jeans, going to a semi-swanky restaurant in town and ordering a delicious chai milkshake, along with salmon and cream cheese quiche.  I know it was a magical night because despite the extremely sugary (but oh so delicious) chai milkshake, my blood sugars were perfectly behaved all night.  It was a beautiful summer evening for walking around town, both peaceful and romantic, and fragrant summer air filled our lungs and reminded me why I love summer.  Afterwards there was a get together of friends, who had also finished their summer exams, and it got loud and rambunctious, but the relaxing summer walk was my favourite part of the night.     
More photos of flowers....
The past week I’ve woken up every day knowing that most of the day is going to be spent studying, which makes sleeping in seem mighty appealing most of the time.  But today, despite being out late last night, I woke up energized and excited (must be the weight of studying finally being lifted from my shoulders).  I’m hoping to spend today rollerblading or strawberry picking or doing some other wonderful summer activity.  Before I get carried away, I’m reminding myself that whenever I get excited and energized, I run on the low side, so I’ll need to set a low temporary basal for today, especially if I’m going to be active.  With a little luck, my blood sugars will be as perfect as they were last night.  I think they will be.  Today is going to be a good day.        
And more flowers...

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