About Me

Hello all,

In a nutshell, my blog is the thoughts, ideas and ramblings of a type 1 diabetic turned medical student who has an interest in health policy, research and innovation, athletics, communications, and healthy living.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2002 at the ripe ol' age of 11. I continually strive to prevent diabetes from interfering with the important things in my life, without ignoring or neglecting the disease. I enjoy playing basketball, running, kittens, travelling, playing piano and, of course, long walks on the beach. In 2008 I raised $4 000 for Team Diabetes (in a 3 month period, eek!) and ran a 10k race in Iceland. I hope to raise more money for type 1 diabetes research, and run in more races worldwide. I am a recent graduate of the Honours Arts and Science Degree at McMaster University, an interdisciplinary program that celebrates well-rounded education and indecision. My undergraduate thesis was a policy analysis of the development and equity of insulin pump funding in Canada (if you'd be interested in reading it, message me for a copy!). I expanded my knowledge of health systems and policy during a summer internship at the World Health Organization HQ in Geneva, Switzerland in the summer of 2013. I am currently pursuing my medical degree at McMaster University and navigating the murky waters of transitioning from being a patient with a chronic illness to being a healthcare professional. 

Twitter: @emilymilko