Sunday, 12 June 2011

Kind Words

I’ve been linking my friends and family to my blog, to share with them something that I am proud of, but also to help educate them to what my life with type 1 diabetes is like.  After emailing my technology-savvy grandparents a link to my blog, I received this very touching reply from my grandma:
"I was looking through my Book of records and saw that in 2002 on November 6th I had written 'Emily diagnosed with diabetes ONE. Home on Friday, Nov. 8/02.'
I remember feeling like I’d been hit with a truck when I got that bit of news.  And here it is 2011 and you are still your vibrant, UP self and dealing with your problems as only you can.  Having a blog is really a good thing although I wish it had a white background.  I practically went blind reading green on black.  It’s like reading someone’s diary.  Good for historic reasons as well.  We love you lots and are very proud of you for all your accomplishments.
Rachel’s artwork is great too!  I will print the whole thing out maybe tomorrow.  Thanks for sending it to us.
Love You
Grandma and Grandpa"
These kind words brightened my day.  Everything about the email- from the fact that my grandma can be so nifty with her email and the internet, but still keeps a Book of Records, to the compliments and advice about changing the background/font colour (I’ll keep that in mind Grandma!) to her recollection of my diagnosis- reminded me that my diabetes doesn’t just affect me, it affects many of the people in my life.  They may not be certified diabetes educators, doctors or nurses and they may still be learning about type 1 diabetes themselves.  They may not be able to tell me what to do if I’m suffering night time lows or morning highs, but what they have to offer is just as important.  They offer support.  They believe in me and my ability to manage the disease, even at times when I don’t believe in my own capability.
Thank you Grandma for reminding me that I CAN do this and that despite 9 years with the disease, it still doesn't define me. 

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