Sunday, 7 August 2011

Travelling Daydreams

I’ve been yearning for a travelling adventure for a long time.  It’s been two years since the last time I “travelled” which was only up to a friend’s cottage for a week, because unfortunately as an undergrad paying my own way through university I don’t have a lot (ahem no) disposable income.  There are so many places I would like to explore, and so many nights I’ve spent dreaming about travelling adventures.
Today I was thinking about how, when I do get the chance to travel, I’d love to live in another country for a couple months to become completely immersed in the culture.  Of course my mind, always so practical, turned to the problem of diabetes and extended periods of travelling. I started thinking about the amount of pump supplies I would have to bring with me, along with investing in some back up needles, in case, heaven forbid my pump stopped working, and how it’d be best to fit all my diabetes supplies into my carry on, since they’re too important to risk tossing in luggage that can end up at a different destination.
I love the idea of packing light and going on an adventure with no timeline in mind, but I think that’s something that is nearly impossible to do as a diabetic.  Different standards of healthcare in different countries make it especially important that I ensure I have everything I need to survive on me at all times when I travel.  Travelling is one daydream that will hopefully come true sometime soon, but travelling light might be a daydream that will have to stay a dream for this diabetic.     

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